About Us

3dp is one of the early birds that filled the gap of 3d designing of crafts and tools used for innovative baking methods. Saima Khurram have been in the industry for the past over 10 years and took the initiative to fill in the gap and launched this brand of 3dp baking tools in United Arab Emirates.

Customized solution that you desire!

In the modern era of customization and digitization, who doesn’t want to feel special with the customized products? The best part of 3dp is the very customized option which enables you to translate the picture in your mind into reality through the expertise of 3dp. This feature differentiates 3dp from other vendors and that is what the customers and bakers love the most!

Quality is what we don’t compromise on!

Here at 3dp, we can’t guarantee you the best price but what we can assure you is that you won’t get a low-end product. The material and equipment used is of premium quality. Our products are handled with care and reviewed before dispatching the order.

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